As part of International Women In Engineering Day, EDL celebrates our first all-female major engine overhaul

Above (L-R): Madison Callaway, Danica Thomas and Alkira Lazaro.

This International Women In Engineering Day (INWED) on June 23, EDL is proud to celebrate our first-ever all-female major engine overhaul.  The project occurred at our National Maintenance Facility (NMF) in Appin, New South Wales. INWED highlights the work undertaken by women in engineering and technical roles.

The ex-LH2 #5 engine was recently refurbished by tradesperson Alkira Lazaro as the lead engine builder, with support from Danica Thomas, a first-year apprentice. Alkira started at EDL in 2018, with Danica joining in January 2022. Both were part of the Women in Trades Program run by Dapto High School.

EDL’s NMF Manager, Neil King said “Both Alkira and Danica did a great job and received fantastic support from the team throughout the overhaul. I’m very proud and happy with the team for working together to achieve a safe outcome. This engine will now become part of the critical spares that we hold at the NMF. It will be called the “Beyond Blue Engine” to represent mental health awareness and we hope it will create a talking point for all to check in on each other.”

“For me, the biggest successes with the Woman in Trades Program have been the teamwork, positive attitudes, and team maturity. This is why the program will be ongoing for EDL, and I look forward to bringing in more female apprentices to the NMF.”

Alkira has now moved on to the next major overhaul with another apprentice, Madison Callaway, who was also part of the Women in Trades Program. The program has helped many female Dapto High School students secure apprenticeships with EDL.

Alkira said “The best thing about undertaking the engine overhaul was bringing all the individual pieces together and making a whole engine. While some of the manual work was challenging, we had great support and it was easy to just ask someone to lend a hand. This is what I like about working at EDL. The company provides an environment that allows women to achieve anything they set their minds to. My advice to any young woman considering an apprenticeship is that if you are interested in undertaking a trade, just go for it.”

As a leading global employer with over 30 years in operation, we know that workforce diversity and an inclusive culture makes a significant contribution to EDL’s success. Diversity and inclusion create a richer and more creative environment enabling innovation, diverse thought, productivity and better decisions. EDL is committed to encouraging female participation across all areas of our global operations, particularly in frontline operational roles. This includes continued support for the Women in Trades Program.