Jabiru wins Solar Power
Project of the Year – Australia
at the 2022 Asian Power Awards

30 November 2022

Lansing’s first renewable natural gas facility opened

22 February 2022

EDL signs off on fourth
renewable natural gas project in USA

10 February 2022

Jabiru soars into zero emissions
future with EDL

8 February 2022

Australia’s largest hybrid renewable microgrid officially opened

4 November 2021

What we do

There is no one solution to the world’s or our customers’ energy needs. At EDL, tailored solutions means options. Our extensive global experience allows us to think differently. Always developing, our energy expertise expands across five key areas.

As the world transitions to renewables, EDL is growing its portfolio of world-class wind and solar projects across Australia, with an increasing emphasis on market leading high penetration renewables for off-grid locations.

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EDL is a world leader in the development and operation of ground breaking high penetration renewable hybrid technologies which use sustainable energy sources alongside proven conventional technologies.

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EDL is providing industry-leading solutions for a significant number of major global coal miners in Australia by using their mine gas to generate electricity and reducing site emissions.

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EDL pioneered the introduction and development of the landfill gas energy sector in Australia and continues to lead the way in its advancement globally.

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EDL has a proven reputation for continually innovating to deliver tailored solutions for our LNG customers to meet their energy needs.

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EDL is investing in work that goes beyond the conversion of gas to electricity, and upgrading LFG and WCMG to green gas or renewable natural gas (RNG).

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