Safety and health


Safety is our number one priority.  It is our fundamental belief that all of our people have the right to go home safe and well to their families every day.

Our aim is ZERO HARM.

EDL’s commitment to health and safety extends beyond the workplace and into the lives of our employees and their communities.

At work, the health and safety of our people is governed by our OHS Strategic Plan and we strive to continually improve policies and procedures with the aim of achieving a ZERO HARM work environment.  We encourage our employees to adapt this approach to safety around their homes and leisure activities.


EDL recognises the importance of supporting our workforce to make good lifestyle choices, in addition to understanding and appropriately managing health hazards and risks at work and at home.

We provide opportunities for people to take an active interest in their health and be proactive in improving their own wellbeing. Health checks, health awareness and information programs and support for community-based health activities and events are staples of our approach.