International Women in Engineering Day: Meet Suki Zhang and her love of solving puzzles with eco-friendly solutions

This Sunday, 23rd June, we celebrate International Women in Engineering Day and honour the women working in the field of engineering.

EDL is proud to embrace this year’s theme, #Enhancedbyengineering, and the contributions of female engineers and women who support engineering departments globally across our business and the customers we power.

Meet Suki Zhang, one of EDL’s cohort of trailblazing young engineers. Suki joined EDL as an intern in 2022 while still studying, and this year progressed to our Graduate Program, after gaining her Electrical Engineering Degree at the end of 2023.

Suki said her knack for solving puzzles and curiosity about how to make a difference in the world led her to study engineering where she found the opportunity to work on real world problems to create eco-friendly solutions.

Learn more about Suki’s story here:

“When I was a kid, I built random tools around the house with my dad… electrical engineering felt like the perfect fit for my passion.”

Suki said it was soon after beginning her internship that she realized her love for learning and solving problems was a perfect fit for EDL’s renewable energy focus and commitment to sustainability.

“I see renewable energy as a key driver for a cleaner future,” she said.

Suki is grateful to her EDL colleagues for creating a safe and inclusive environment, where she feels encouraged and inspired to push boundaries and explore innovative pathways to help reach her career goals as a professional Engineer.”