More renewable energy for residents and business following landfill gas power station expansion at Byron Center, Michigan

We are pleased to be supplying more local homes and businesses with renewable energy following an expansion of our landfill gas power station at Byron Center, Michigan in the United States.

A third engine has been commissioned, taking the operation’s installed capacity to 4.8MW, to make beneficial use of more biogas from the South Kent Landfill following expansion of the gas capture network by Kent County.

The power station, which had operated with two engines since 2009, uses biogas captured from decomposing waste at the landfill, to generate renewable electricity, which is supplied to distributor Consumers Energy, and into the local power network.

EDL North America Business Development Manager, Josh Martincic, said rather than purchasing a new engine, EDL had drawn from its portfolio of reconditioned assets for the Byron Center expansion.

“It’s great to be supporting Kent County by increasing the percentage of renewable energy in their network by expanding output from our Byron Center power station,’’ Mr Martincic said.

“And it’s also a good news story that we have the capability to recondition and then re-deploy a virtually near new engine unit for this project.”

Dar Bass, Director of Kent County Public Works said, “Using South Kent’s landfill gas to generate energy and reduce methane emissions is a win-win-win.”

“Capturing landfill gas generates revenue to help us keep disposal costs down, helps protect our environment, and creates a renewable energy source for our local community.”

Across North America and Canada, EDL operates 21 landfill gas power stations, with an installed capacity of 154MW, and five renewable natural gas, or biomethane, plants with an installed capacity of 6.8M MMBtu.

Globally, EDL is a leading producer of sustainable distributed energy, operating 83 sites with an installed capacity of 973MW across Australia, North America and Canada, and Europe.