Sustainability & community

Our approach

Across EDL, we work in partnership with our stakeholders, customers and communities to meet and exceed expectations of environmental performance, community involvement and overall sustainability.

Zero harm

The health and safety of our employees and everyone who works at or visits our operations is paramount and we have extensive systems and processes in place to educate, track and continually improve our performance.

Our overall rigorous OHS Strategic Plan drives our health and safety approach and performance and across the business, we are working to consistently enhance policies and procedures with the aim of achieving a ZERO HARM work environment. Our employees regularly report hazards and suggest improvements to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them is not jeopardized. Everyone at EDL understands that safety is our number one priority.


Contributing to the communities around our operations and beyond is a fundamental part of the way we operate. From small contributions to local schools and not for profit groups through to strategic long-term community partnerships, we seek to identify community need and identify ways to collaborate. We also support and encourage our employees across the globe to assist a range of charitable groups.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement

In 2022, we released our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in Australia. Our approach and commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement is informed and underpinned by our policies and Innovate RAP.

Modern Slavery Statement

In line with our vision to be the leading global producer of sustainable distributed energy, EDL works to embed safe and socially responsible practices across our operations worldwide.

We understand our responsibility as a participant in the global energy sector to ensure that no harm comes to the people who produce the goods and services that we need to deliver clean energy benefits for our customers and communities.

This Modern Slavery Statement outlines our commitment to the sustainable production of energy.

Environmental management

Environmental sustainability is inherent in everything that we do at EDL – in the very products we produce. We aim to go beyond compliance and recognise that communities have well-justified high expectations on company performance and we will continue to focus on, and track, our contribution.

Part of our commitment to best practice environmental management is meeting the compliance and legislative requirements of our operating approvals and permits. In many jurisdictions, this involves the completion and publication of environmental reports on a range of topics. You can search for these reports in this section of the website.

A copy of our Environmental Policy can be downloaded here.

Quality management

EDL’s ISO 9001:2015-certifed Quality Management System (QMS) for our Australian operations ensures we effectively document and improve practices to meet and exceed the expectations of customers, stakeholders and interested parties.

Our QMS outlines the controls that have been implemented as well as the structure and interactions of our quality processes, authorities and responsibilities of personnel.

A copy of our Quality Policy can be downloaded below.