EDL COVID-19 update

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, EDL remains focused on our target of ZERO Harm by keeping our people safe and healthy as we deliver essential services to power our communities and customers.

There have been no disruptions to EDL’s 24/7 operations and we are continuing to supply reliable, sustainable energy through our 99 sites.

We are closely monitoring advice from the various government authorities we operate under, and updating our COVID-19 management plan as needed. Key points of our plan are listed below.

Keeping our people safe and healthy

We are keeping EDL employees, visitors and contractors safe and healthy by encouraging and enabling social distancing and personal hygiene practices, such as eliminating all but site personnel’s rostered business travel, having all office-based personnel work from home and stepping up cleaning and pre-entry screening at sites.

Working closely with customers and partners

EDL has protocols in place for dealing with COVID-19, as do our customers and partners from different regions, across various sectors. We are aligned with them to address any differences to keep all our people safe.

Business and operations continuity plans

All EDL sites are remotely monitored 24/7 by our global control centre in Brisbane, backed by our alternative control centre in Perth. The strictest cleaning routines and screening are in place at the centres, and EDL has additional, trained personnel who can step in for operators who are unwell or called away for carers’ duties.

With many of our sites located in challenging environments, EDL has established, tested contingency plans to provide coverage for onsite personnel who might be unable to travel to site or complete their rostered shift for any reason. We are ready to enact this plan at any site when needed.

Our office-based personnel are set up to work remotely, so that there are no disruptions to business critical support services.