Sara Swanson: Passion for clean energy, champion for women in engineering

Hailing from Ohio, USA, Sara Swanson’s career at EDL has seen her combine her two passions—seeking out clean energy solutions and encouraging women to take up careers in engineering and energy.

Sara is a Process Engineer who works at EDL’s North American operations across our landfill gas to electricity and renewable natural gas (RNG) plants. When she was advised that an engineering degree would set her apart for her planned medical school application, Sara enrolled in the Chemical Engineering Program at West Virginia University. However, she fell in love with the engineering field and developed a passion for the energy sector. Sara is particularly interested in finding solutions that minimise emissions.

Sara joined EDL in 2021 and works with the Project Delivery Team as one of two process engineers. In her busy role, she addresses technical questions from the business. and reviews plans to make sure EDL facilities are designed based on best engineering practices—making sure they operate optimally and safely.

Women in Engineering jobs
Sara is particularly enthusiastic about EDL’s Carbon Limestone project in Youngstown, Ohio. “The Limestone project will be EDL’s largest RNG facility and I’m supporting a project in my home state from the beginning to fruition,” Sara commented.

Sara has joined EDL’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and is part of our in-house Leadership Program. Sara is proud to be a female engineer. “More women in the field will lead to better solutions, better products, and better problem solving because we are adding diverse perspectives,” Sara said. As a member of the Society of Women Engineers and the Women’s Energy Network, Sara hopes to continue blazing the trail of the women who entered the engineering field before her.

“I appreciate many things about working at EDL, especially the people. People who support me. Leadership who listens. There is a recognition that we can be better. For example, we’ve been discussing job descriptions in the DE&I committee. It was pointed out that some job descriptions indicate you must be able to lift 100 pounds. Lifting this amount is difficult for many people, not just women. I appreciate that EDL is willing to deep dive on topics like this,” Sara shared.

At EDL, women in engineering work in all kinds of environments, from overhauling an engine on-site to developing innovative technical solutions. EDL is committed to increasing female participation across all areas of our global operations, particularly in engineering and frontline operational roles. As a leading global employer with over 30 years in operation, we know that workforce diversity and an inclusive culture makes a significant contribution to EDL’s success.