Breaking barriers for parents in the workforce

Pamela Johnson was three-and-a-half months pregnant when she applied for her role with EDL. After disclosing her pregnancy during the recruitment process, Pamela was unsure if she would be considered a desirable candidate and concerned about how she could manage maternity leave when her baby was due. But EDL’s General Manager of Technical Services, Jenny Mackay, was determined that Pamela was the right candidate for the job and worked with EDL’s Human Resources team to find a solution—ultimately leading to a change in the EDL Parental Leave Policy.

The updated policy means new employees are entitled to primary and secondary parental leave once they have completed their three-month probationary period, compared to the previous requirement of needing to complete 12 months of employment.

“I’m thrilled we’ve been able to evolve our policy,” said Jenny. “This will foster an even more equitable and inclusive environment at EDL, acknowledging that there is no one-size-fits-all approach and that everyone’s journey to and through parenthood is unique.”

EDL fundamentally believes that an inclusive and diverse culture leads to organisational success.

EDL’s Manager of Human Resources, Hayden Smith, said, “We know that becoming a parent is a life-changing experience. It’s challenging to find the perfect balance of work and family responsibilities. Our approach with this policy is to ensure EDL team members can make decisions that are right for them and their families, without sacrificing their career.”

For Pamela, having completed her three-month probationary period, it’s a relief to be able to prepare for maternity leave knowing she has EDL’s support as she transitions to parenthood, and then also back to her role at the company when the time is right.

“This is a big relief for my family,” said Pamela. “I don’t think I quite realised how much I was internalising my concerns over being pregnant and moving jobs. This is such a wonderful step forward for EDL and its people.”

“This change to the parental leave policy has so many wonderful knock-on effects, like encouraging women to move into the best roles for them and their career and not having to think about their family planning as part of that decision.”

As a leading global employer in the energy industry, EDL has identified that a diverse and happy workforce creates a richer and more creative work environment, enabling innovation, productivity and a stronger corporate culture. EDL is committed to providing equal opportunity across all areas of the business.

Minor Projects and CI Group Manager Pamela Johnson (left) able to enjoy her parental leave, thanks to the support of General Manager Technical Services Jenny Mackay, Manager Human Resources Hayden Smith, and EDL.