Into unchartered territory – EDL’S hybrid renewable microgrid journey in Western Australia

Most people are impressed by the sheer size and scale of a wind farm, or even just a single wind turbine, when seeing them up-close for the first time. But very few people understand the complexities of the procurement and construction process, to build a wind farm that can capture wind power and turn it into renewable energy.

EDL invests heavily in sourcing materials to build our hybrid renewable microgrids, and we invest equally in finding the most experienced and specialised talent to manage the complex construction process. That’s why we are a leading and award-winning global producer of sustainable energy, powering global energy needs, in Australia, North America and Europe.

The Chamber of Minerals and Energy (CME) followed our journey in Western Australia to construct our hybrid renewable microgrid on the site of the Agnew Gold Mine.

Follow the link below for their story and video.

The incredible outback journey of Australia’s first mine site wind farm.