EDL shortlisted for national innovation award

EDL recognises innovation is key to addressing the global energy challenge and will be essential to ensuring businesses and families have reliable, affordable and sustainable energy sources for the future.

On Tuesday night, a team of EDL staff were fortunate to attend the Clean Energy Council Awards dinner in Sydney where the company was shortlisted for this year’s Innovation Award for the Coober Pedy Project.

With the support of government funding through ARENA, EDL was able to deliver a renewable hybrid project utilising wind, solar, batteries and advanced control systems to meet the needs of this remote and iconic mining town.

Energy Developments CEO James Harman said that while EDL wasn’t ultimately successful in taking out the overall award, being beaten out by Energy Queensland, the company was proud of its role as a leader in hybrid energy projects.

“Everyone at EDL is to be congratulated on their contribution to the company’s continued success – not only those who worked directly on the project but everyone who contributes to helping meet the goal of delivering energy for a sustainable future across the globe,” Mr Harman said.

“EDL thanks the Clean Energy Council for considering the project for this year’s award and we reaffirm our commitment to continuing to strive for excellence and develop innovative hybrid/renewable operations that deliver clean and remote energy solutions to customers.”


EDL Contact:

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Global Corporate Affairs EDL
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