EDL participates in Future Waste Resources Convention

Late last year EDL’s Head of Growth – Commercial Mark Jonker presented at the Waste Recycling Industry of Queensland’s Future Waste Resources Convention in Ipswich, Queensland.

Attended by key Queensland Government representatives, waste sector participants and suppliers and key EDL stakeholders, the event provided an opportunity to highlight the company’s global experience in landfill gas and energy from waste projects.

“This was a great opportunity to showcase our extensive global experience and encourage the development of energy from waste technologies here in Queensland,” Mr Jonker said.

“EDL has a long history in the landfill gas sector and in the US, we are reconfiguring a selection of our landfill to energy assets to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) or biomethane. EDL can apply this technology and experience across its extensive global portfolio of landfill gas assets, including new and existing projects here in QLD.”

“The RNG is produced by cleaning up gas produced from renewable and organic materials from within a landfill. The gas is then injected into the local gas network and used by transport entities through conversion to vehicle fuel.

“Queensland is ideally placed to embrace the new business and renewable energy opportunity with the right market fundamentals and a supportive regulatory environment.

“At EDL, we want to play a role in the next energy transition as we target carbon emissions reductions from transport and industrial fuel use.”

For more information please contact:

Vivian Lim, Head of Communications
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