EDL in JV to progress RNG development in North America

EDL has formed an innovative joint venture to progress the development of the US$25 million South Side Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Project in North America.

The Indy High BTU LLC joint venture consists of EDL, Kinetrex Energy (the United States’ leading interstate liquefied natural gas company, which operates two significant Indianapolis LNG production facilities) and South Side Landfill (a privately-owned solid waste management company), and has agreed terms to develop the RNG facility in Indianapolis, Indiana.

EDL Global CEO James Harman said that RNG was a growing sector across North America and the partnership would contribute to that growth and further strengthen EDL’s expertise as a producer of sustainable energy.

“Redeeming organic waste by converting it to renewable natural gas epitomises sustainability,” Mr Harman said.

“RNG is playing a key role in America’s transition to a low carbon future, and we are working to replicate the uptake of this technology across our global operations.”

EDL North America CEO Jim Grant said that the South Side Project involved the construction of a facility to capture methane gas from the South Side Landfill and turn it into RNG for transportation.

“Once operational, the project has the environmental benefits of reducing methane emissions by approximately 17,000 tons per year, and carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 41,000 tons per year—this is equivalent to emissions from almost 47 million gallons of gasoline consumption,” Mr Grant said.

“We look forward to working with our partners Kinetrex Energy and South Side Landfill to harness the full potential of RNG to help decarbonise the transportation industry.”

Renewable natural gas, also known as biomethane, is a pipeline-quality gas that is fully interchangeable with conventional natural gas and can be used in natural gas-fuelled vehicles.

It is essentially biogas from the decomposition of organic matter, processed to purity standards.