EDL CEO participates in National Energy Summit

Earlier this month, EDL CEO James Harman participated in the AFR National Energy Summit held in Sydney.

Attended by approximately 500 energy sector leaders, the Summit provided excellent opportunities for EDL representatives to discuss the challenges of the ‘energy trilemma’ and outline EDL’s innovative approach to meeting customer and community need for reliable, affordable and environmentally sustainable energy.

CEO James Harman explained the value to the company and highlighted the criticality of ongoing discussion around national energy policy.

“I was very pleased to participate in a panel discussion on ‘Emerging technologies as both a driver of transition and a tool of transition’ during the Energy Summit,” Mr Harman said.

“During that panel discussion, I was able to highlight the role of industry in shaping Australia’s energy future as we transition from traditional energy sources to decarbonised solutions and cleaner energy.

“EDL, in particular, has led the industry in waste gas power generation and will continue to play a key role in advancing the transition.

“Additionally, in discussing our Coober-Pedy project, I was also to demonstrate how innovative renewable hybrid energy options can deliver reliable solutions to rural and remote communities and industry.

“I also took the opportunity to explain how we will draw on our US experience to harness the full potential of renewable natural gas (biomethane) from sources such as landfill, to help decarbonise the transportation industry,” Mr Harman said.

EDL was proud to be a sponsor and participate in such a high profile event and to take the opportunity to collaborate with others to advocate for reliable, affordable and sustainable energy solutions for our nation.


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