Construction of new Jabiru power station kicks off

Works on the Jabiru Hybrid Renewable Project will get underway from 15 June 2021, starting with site clearing and preparation for the construction of the new power station and solar farm. The project developer and power station owner/operator EDL has engaged the Djurrubu Rangers to help spot, catch and safely relocate local wildlife before land clearing begins. Clearing works will include earthmoving activities and controlled burning, which will be planned and monitored for safety.

Once the site is prepared, EDL will start transporting construction materials to site.

Funded by the Northern Territory Government, the Jabiru Hybrid Renewable Project will integrate solar and diesel generation with a battery, and provide Jabiru with reliable energy that is at least 50% from renewable sources over the long term.

The diesel power station will be completed by the end of 2021, and the solar farm and battery will come online in early 2022.

Pictured: Artist impression of EDL’s Jabiru Hybrid Renewable Project