Our values

At EDL we are building a culture based on our overarching commitment to the SPIRIT values. We believe that the strongest way to build that culture is to demonstrate it in action across the business. Across the globe our employees show their commitment to the values.

Living our SPIRIT values

Safety, health & environment

Constantly strive for Zero Harm


Drive for results

Innovation & initiative

Embrace new ways of doing things

Respect & responsibility

Show respect for the skills, knowledge and experience of others. Accept the consequences of your own behaviour


Do what you say you will, in an honest and open manner


Demonstrate effective participation, cooperation and communication in teams

Adeline Tambe, Assistant Accountant, Northamptonshire

I love the EDL spirit. Safety comes first and staff are empowered to stop a process rather than compromise safety. We take responsibility for our work environment, keeping it clean and safe. Everyone in my office has successfully completed a ‘First aid at work’ course, so are able to provide immediate care if needed. The SPIRIT values are important as they come into use daily. Teamwork for example is important as I work in a small team and we get on really well.

Michael Wythes, Group Manager Corporate Finance, Brisbane

The SPRIT values are important because they reflect the culture of our company and the traits that are valued in our people. I regularly see the SPIRIT values in practice at EDL, particularly Teamwork and Innovation. We are great at coming together in cross-functional teams and collaborating and innovating to deliver best possible outcome. EDL is a great place to develop and grow your career – there are endless opportunities to get involved in new and interesting projects that provide great experience and the chance to develop new skills.

Grant Kennedy, Project Manager, Brisbane

Our SPIRIT values start with Safety, and this is evident wherever I travel for EDL. As a visitor to our sites, I am always greeted with a Safety induction and my wellbeing whilst on site is a priority for our Operations staff. EDL operates in some very harsh climatic conditions. I see our Operations teams out on landfill gas fields working in frigid temperatures, I see them operating and maintaining our equipment in high temperature and humid areas. SPIRIT values are important because we can have the best policies and procedures in the world, but nothing beats the way we behave and how we treat each other. I like the variety and the opportunities that EDL provides. We have nearly 100 sites across 3 continents, which brings diversity in technology, people and experience to name a few. If you have a problem, someone, somewhere in our team will have the answer! Our people make the difference.

Jakob Somerville, OH&S Advisor, East Lansing

I see the SPIRIT values in practice in my work as discussions lead back to these six values before decisions are made. This shows it’s conscious in people’s minds which is important because the SPIRIT values are basic fundamentals that, when followed, guide us to achieve our goals.

At EDL, I like the core values of what we stand for and how we intend to do business. In particular, the systematic approach to identify, plan and perform actions.

Ali Heath, Procurement Officer, Northamptonshire

I support the Contractor Screening function for the UK and new supplier onboarding. For any Quality Service Providers we ensure that all on line training is completed to ensure all contractors and employees are safe to work on our sites – which highlights our Zero Harm culture and safety standards to all employees, businesses, suppliers and contractors. All my peers in the UK are open to change in our practices and processes, we all know how important it is to respect each other and to work as a team with the understanding that we need to comply with the SPIRIT Values – in order to become a safe and successful business. I find at EDL if we make a mistake we all learn from this, which encourages us to improve our processes and enhance our skills – making us a more successful business.