Our leadership

James Harman - image
James Harman

Chief Executive Officer

James was appointed CEO of EDL in October 2016. He has led EDL’s rapid global expansion, including investing in biomethane to transportation fuel projects and biomethane to electricity projects in North America and delivering innovative large-scale hybrid renewable microgrid projects in remote areas of Australia, enabling the effective transition from fossil fuels. He is keenly focused on safety, growth and diversification into new markets as EDL strives to be the leading global producer of sustainable distributed energy.

James is a Director of the Board of the Australian Energy Council, and he also sits on the Board of Bioenergy Australia. A highly experienced global executive, he has held senior executive positions with top tier natural resource companies in Europe and Australia for close to 20 years before joining EDL. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Master’s degree in Laws.

Shane McLaughlin - image
Shane McLaughlin

Chief Operating Officer

Shane joined EDL in March 2007 and was appointed COO in February 2017. He is responsible for safety, project delivery, and profit and loss management across the global EDL operations. An experienced project manager and operations leader for 37 years, Shane has worked in electricity distribution, transmission, power generation, retail, construction and operations throughout Australia, the USA and UK.

Before joining EDL, he was Group Manager of Commercial Development at ENERGEX where he was responsible for leading project delivery, development and operations of the national generation business. He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and an Associate Diploma of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Susan Marrinan - image
Susan Marrinan

Chief Financial Officer

Susan joined EDL as Chief Financial Officer in October 2017. She is responsible for a range of corporate services functions including Company Secretariat and Legal, Finance, Human Resources, Communications, and Supply and Procurement.

An experienced senior Finance Executive for approximately 25 years, Susan has held a number of finance and corporate development roles with Rio Tinto, Atlantic Richfield, Shell and Anglo American. Most recently she was a senior executive with Anglo American in London. She is a Chartered Accountant and has Bachelor’s degrees in Commerce and Arts.

Jason Dickfos - image
Jason Dickfos

Head of Growth

Jason joined EDL in February 2005 and was appointed Head of Growth, Technical in April 2016. He was named Head of Growth in early 2020. Jason leads the global Growth Team, focusing on originating, developing and acquiring new distributed energy solutions across EDL’s global business.

Prior to his current role with EDL, he was the LNG Plant Project Manager for the West Kimberley Power Project and part of the Business Development team. Before joining EDL, Jason had over 10 years experience in the oil and gas industry working in both Project Delivery and Operations roles at remote oil refineries, oilfields and gas processing facilities in Australia, Papua New Guinea and the USA. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business Administration - Technology Management.

Scott Turner - image
Scott Turner

Head of Energy Markets, Strategy & Regulatory Affairs

Scott was appointed Head of Energy Markets in June 2018. He was named Head of Energy Markets, Strategy & Regulatory Affairs in early 2020. Scott is focused on managing EDL’s energy markets positions across the globe, and leading global strategy development and regulatory affairs. An experienced executive with nearly 20 years’ experience in the energy sector before joining EDL, Scott held executive positions at CS Energy and Alinta Energy in coal, wind, solar and gas generation, retail, trading, regulatory, investment and distribution.

Most recently he was Interim Executive Manager Commercial at Infigen Energy where he was responsible for leading the Business Development team and Regulatory positioning. He is a CPA and has a Bachelor’s degree in Business (Accounting).

Glen Marshall - image
Glen Marshall

Company Secretary

Glen joined EDL in June 2003 and is the Group General Counsel and Company Secretary. He provides strategic legal advice to support EDL’s current operations, as well as significant growth projects and acquisitions.

A highly experienced legal practitioner with over 23 years of experience, before joining EDL Glen held roles with leading legal firms in Australia and overseas, working in a broad range of corporate, commercial and projects in various sectors. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Laws and Business (Accounting) and a Master’s degree in Laws.

Richard DiGia - image
Richard DiGia

Chief Executive Officer – North America

Rick was appointed as CEO – North America in February 2022. He is responsible for safe production and project delivery, efficient operations and the sustainable growth of EDL’s North American business. A senior executive with over 40 years’ industry experience, Rick has held executive, development and operations leadership roles in the waste to energy sector.

Prior to joining EDL, he was President and CEO of Aria Energy, where he successfully led the business through a series of acquisitions and greenfield developments across a range of applications for biomethane resources, including renewable natural gas (RNG). Rick has been an active member of the Coalition for RNG since its founding in 2011. He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science, Biology.

Greg Breadsell - image
Greg Breadsell

General Manager Clean Energy Australia

Greg was appointed General Manager of Clean Energy Australia for EDL in March 2017. He is focused on the safe and efficient operation of EDL’s Clean Energy business and exceeding the needs of customers.

An experienced energy executive with over 25 years’ experience, before joining EDL in 2004 Greg held leadership positions in engineering and operations with Comalco, Siemens AG and Santos oil and gas and worked in Europe, the United States and Australia. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Technology.

Geoff Hobley - image
Geoff Hobley

General Manager Remote Energy

Geoff was appointed General Manager Remote Energy for EDL in February 2017. He is focused on the safe, reliable operation of EDL’s remote energy portfolio and working in partnership with customers to meet their energy needs.

An experienced operations executive for over 15 years, Geoff joined EDL in 2012. Most recently he was General Manager Retail at Alinta Energy where he was responsible for the overall performance of the wholesale and retail gas and electricity business in Western Australia. He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

David Truelove - image
David Truelove

General Manager UK/Europe

David was appointed General Manager for UK/Europe in January 2017. He is focused on the safe, productive and efficient operations of EDL’s assets in Europe, and exceeding the needs of customers.

An experienced chartered management accountant for more than 18 years before joining EDL in 2014, David held positions within the small-scale, embedded power generation sector. Most recently, David worked with FCC Environment. He is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and has a Bachelor’s degree in Business.