Solar Power Shines at Cannington

EDL today announced that it has commenced supplying renewable energy to South32 following completion of a new three-megawatt solar farm at its Cannington silver, lead and zinc mine in north-west Queensland.

The solar farm comprises 7,200 panels and covers an area of almost six hectares. It will operate alongside EDL’s existing 40-megawatt power station at Cannington and will provide electricity for the mine’s accommodation village and airport, with additional power for mining and processing operations.

In a landmark for EDL and the Australian energy industry, the Cannington solar farm is the first in the country to be integrated with a gas-fired power station.

Installation of the Cannington solar farm will prevent between 4,000 and 6,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year. It will also reduce fuel consumption and associated costs, making the solar farm both environmentally and economically favourable.

EDL CEO, James Harman, said the company had worked closely with South32 to ensure the successful development of the Cannington solar farm.

“We value our long term relationship with South32. At EDL we are committed to delivering innovative, tailored solutions that provide reliable, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable energy,” Mr Harman said.

“EDL is leading the way in remote, renewable hybrid generation and we look forward to developing many more projects like this all around Australia.”

South32 Cannington Vice President Operations, Rob Jackson, said that South32 was committed to identifying energy efficiency initiatives.

“Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a big part of that so I’m delighted that our Cannington operation’s solar installation is leading the way,” Mr Jackson said.

“It’s an exciting time in the industry when renewable energy technology and innovation is applied to deliver power to our world-class remote mining operations.”

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